The Late Fall Session runs from October 31 through December 22. There are 7 weeks of lessons in this session. We will be closed November 21-24 for Thanksgiving, but there will be lessons on November 20.


  • Saver's Option: 2-6 weeks @ $26 per class
  • Flexible Option: Pay-Per-Class @ $30 per class
  • One-Time-Only Option*: $50 single class
  • New Student Free Trial: To register for a FREE TRIAL CLASS, please click on the BOOK link below and fill out the registration form. Please note the date you'd like to do your free trial.
  • Infant precrawler class, 30 minutes


Age Descriptions:

  • Infants 2-8 months (precrawlers). Laying down/assisted sitting/sitting
  • Infants/Ones: 8-16 months. Starting to crawl/crawling/starting to walk
  • Ones/Twos: 16-29 months. Beginning to walk/talk/walking/talking
  • Mixed Ages: 2-36 months. Infants/ones/twos/threes-class for siblings of varying ages, little friends of varying ages, or best fit for child's schedule
  • Musical Storytime: 24-48 months. Musical storytime with Moosiki blended in! This class is for kids who love reading and listening, but also love music and dancing!



16 Handles, UES
1161 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10065 (between 63rd and 64th)
9:30 am twos+ musical storytime Laura & Jason   BookButton
10:30 am ones/twos Jason SOLD OUT! BookButton
11:30 am infants/ones Jason   BookButton
12:30 pm infant precrawler Jason SOLD OUT! BookButton


Jai Yoga, UES
E 76th and 1st Avenue
10:30 am ones/twos Laura & Nayem   BookButton
11:30 pm infants/ones Laura & Nayem BookButton
12:30 pm infant precrawler Laura & Nayem SOLD OUT! BookButton


Jai Yoga, UES
E 76th and 1st Avenue
4:00 pm mixed ages Laura   BookButton


NEW: UWS Classes Wed & Fri AM

These Moosiki Kids classes will be held at and scheduled by Elliots Gym.  Please click here for more info.


*One-Time-Only Single Class is for a child attending one class only who will not be taking any other classes that session. If you'd like to pay per class and may attend more than once in a session, please select the Flexible Option.