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Winter Lessons

Late Fall Zoom Session


The Late Fall Session runs from November 9 - January 22. There are 8 weeks of lessons in this session. We will be closed Nov 23-27 and Dec 21-Jan 1.


  • Full Session Special! Sign up for the full 8 week session and pay just $15 per class (total $105)! Register siblings for the full session special and get 20% off your second registration! You must register and pay by November 16 to get this special rate.
  • Saver's Option: 2-7 classes @ $20 per class
  • Flexible Option: Pay-Per-Class @ $25 per class
  • One-Time-Only Option*: $35 single class
  • New Student Free Trial: To register for a FREE TRIAL CLASS, please click on the BOOK link below and fill out the registration form. Please note the date you'd like to do your free trial.

Moosiki Kids will be doing online live classes via Zoom!

SPECIAL ONLINE CLASS PRICING for new students! Sign up for your FREE TRIAL of our 35 minute LIVE ONLINE CLASSES (Musical Storytime 40 min). FREE TRIALS--If you sign up for the remainder of the session within a week of your FREE trial, we will honor the session special rate of just $15/class! Please note that if you cannot do a class at a particular time, we will be recording the classes and sending links weekly so you can watch at your convenience! You can also make up the class in one of our other online classes.

Before class: Download zoom ( well before class time. Please be aware that when joining this class there is the potential for participants to see one another. All audio will be muted except for teacher. If you are on a laptop or desktop please MAXIMIZE the meeting so that you can only see the teacher and yourself. If you are on a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone, simply avoid swiping right or left to be able to only see the teacher. 

Please have shakers, musical instruments to "jam" with, scarves, one or two stuffed animals, and bubbles nearby to help make the class as interactive as possible!

"Join Meeting" 10-15 minutes prior to classtime to ensure you have Zoom set up correctly!

If you would like to do a Free Trial, please register here, and we will send you a link to a video of our live classes, which you can do at home at your own convenience.


Age Descriptions*:

  • Infants 2-6 months (precrawlers). Laying down/assisted sitting/sitting
  • Infants/Ones: 7-16 months. Active sitting/crawling/starting to walk
  • Ones/Twos: 16-29 months. Beginning to walk/talk/walking/talking
  • Mixed Ages: 2-36 months. Infants/ones/twos/threes-class for siblings of varying ages, little friends of varying ages, or best fit for child's schedule
  • Musical Storytime 2yrs/3yrs & mixed ages: Musical storytime with Moosiki blended in! This class is for kids 2 years-3.5 years (Mondays) and mixed ages (Thursdays) who love reading and listening, but also love music and dancing!

  • *Months are approximate. Please go by your child's personal development.



ZOOM Class
10:30 am mixed ages Musical Storytime Laura & Caleb   BookButton
4:00 pm mixed ages Nayem & Caleb   BookButton

*One-Time-Only Single Class is for a child attending one class only who will not be taking any other classes that session. If you'd like to pay per class and may attend more than once in a session, please select the Flexible Option.