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Winter Lessons

Winter Session


The Winter Session runs from January 25 - March 25.  There are 8 weeks of lessons in this session. We will be closed February 15-19 for winter break/Presidents Day.
Please note change in pricing.


  • Saver's Option: 2-7 classes @ $32 per class
  • Flexible Option: Pay-Per-Class @ $35 per class
  • One-Time-Only Option*: $50 single class
  • New Student Free Trial: To register for a FREE TRIAL CLASS, please click on the BOOK link below and fill out the registration form. Please note the date you'd like to do your free trial.
  1. You may indicate an alternative choice in the message box on the registration form in the event that your first choice sells out.


Age Descriptions*:

  • Infants 2-6 months (precrawlers). Laying down/assisted sitting/sitting
  • Infants/Ones: 7-16 months. Active sitting/crawling/starting to walk
  • Ones/Twos: 16-29 months. Beginning to walk/talk/walking/talking
  • Mixed Ages: 2-36 months. Infants/ones/twos/threes-class for siblings of varying ages, little friends of varying ages, or best fit for child's schedule
  • Musical Storytime 2yrs/3yrs & mixed ages: Musical storytime with Moosiki blended in! This class is for kids 2 years-3.5 years (Mondays) and mixed ages (Thursdays) who love reading and listening, but also love music and dancing!

  • *Months are approximate. Please go by your child's personal development.


Indoor Classes

Moosikikids is taking the following measures to prevent Covid-19:

  • Class size will be limited to 6 Children
  • Social distancing is required
  • Adults are required to wear masks at all times once indoors
  • Touchless temperatures of adults and children will be taken upon entry
  • Hand sanitizing of adults and children is required upon entry
  • Families may not enter the building prior to 10 minutes before class and must leave directly after class--unfortunately families cannot stay after their class is finished to feed children, etc. We are doing this because we want to have as few people inside as possible. We have added an extra 5 minutes between classes to ensure families have enough time to depart before the next group.
  • We ask that only one adult accompanies their child. In addition, we ask that siblings do not attend with the student, (unless they are both Moosiki students) and that families take a makeup if their sibling needs to remain home from school (unless cleared with Moosiki--if we are missing another student we *may* be able to fit in a sibling.) 
  • Children and adults may not come to class sick--no runny nose, no cough, no watery eyes, sore throat etc. When sick, children and adults MUST stay home and take a makeup. If children/adults are exhibiting any of these symptoms, they will be asked to leave and take a makeup.
  • When signing up for the FULL SESSION, families will have the choice to bring their own props (instruments/scarves/favorite animal) or borrowing a set of instruments from Moosiki to be used during the entire session and returned at the end of the session (it is the family's responsibility to bring these props, whether personal or borrowed, every week to class).  If doing dropins or class packs, families are required to bring their own props--Moosiki does not lend props for dropins or small class packs.


16 Handles, UES, 64th & 1st Ave
1161 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10065 (between 63rd and 64th)
09:25 am mixed ages Musical Storytime Laura & Caleb SOLD OUT! BookButton
10:30 am ones/twos walkers Laura & Caleb SOLD OUT! BookButton


16 Handles, UES, 64th & 1st Ave
1161 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10065 (between 63rd and 64th)
10:30 am ones/twos walkers Laura & Caleb SOLD OUT! BookButton


16 Handles, UES 64th & 1st Ave
1161 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10065 (between 63rd and 64th)
10:30 am mixed ages Musical Storytime Laura & Caleb   BookButton

*One-Time-Only Single Class is for a child attending one class only who will not be taking any other classes that session. If you'd like to pay per class and may attend more than once in a session, please select the Flexible Option.