Moosiki Kids Park FAQ’s

What is the class size in the park?
Class size is limited to 10 children per class.

I have never taken a Moosiki Kids class. May I take a free trial of Moosiki Kids in the park?
Yes! All new Moosiki Kids students may register and attend a free trial class. However, you must register as space is limited to 10 students per class in the park.

I want to sign up for Moosiki Kids classes in the park! How do I do that?
Great! You need to register on the Moosiki Kids website under class schedule, agree to the park disclaimer, and let us know any other relevant information. Moosiki Kids will then send you a confirmation that we have a spot for you in class, and the balance due, which will be paid via PayPal. You can pay with your PayPal account or credit card.

Can I pay in cash?
We will not be taking cash for Park classes at this time. You can pay cash for classes indoors at Sprout however.

Can I do drop-in classes in the park?
You can do drop-in class at our indoor locations as long as there is space in that class!.

What if it is too hot or too cold? Will we still have class?
We will be outside having class in all sorts of weather: drizzle, hot hot days, windy days, cool days—we’ll be there! It is totally at your discretion to come to class on any given day. If, for example, it is too hot for you to come to class, you can definitely stay home and take a make-up class.

What if it rains?
If it is pouring or is threatening to pour, or has thunder/lightning, we will cancel class and you can take a make-up class. We have indoor  locations if you’d like to schedule a make-up.

How will I know if class is cancelled due to weather?
We will email and/or text to your email/phone provided on your registration form in the event of a cancellation, so please provide correct contact information where you can be reached throughout the day. Please wait to hear from us--we will contact if class is cancelled. If you do not hear from us, class is going on as scheduled!

What time is best for my child?
If you want to take a class with children closer to your child's age, we have suggested age ranges alongside the times listed. However, please note that these are suggested, and not mandatory! We totally understand about schedules, so whatever works best for you, works for us!

What should I bring to class?
Suggested items to bring to class are:
    Blanket, perferably water resistant
    Bug spray

Are classes in the shade?
Classes are always in the shade. If the shade moves, we move!

Are there class rules?
Class rules are:
    1. If your child walks/crawls away from the group, we insist that you go with them. If they prefer to listen to the music while exploring, that is fine, however since we cannot control outside circumstances in the park (bicycles, dogs, insects, etc), we insist that you are within arms reach of your child at all times.
    2. Due to privacy concerns, please only take photos of your own child/children. Also, please turn off all flash and volume levels on your camera and phone, to limit distractions. (There will be plenty of other fun distractions in the park!)
    3. Please keep adult conversation to a minimum while the teacher is singing/speaking. (But we can all catch up on conversing between sets, instrument of the week, etc.)

Make-up Policy: In order to include as many families as possible in our classes, Moosiki Kids has changed our makeup policy to allow 3 makeups only per session. (This means you can reschedule missed classes 3 times, however if you miss 4 classes or more, you will lose that 4th (or more) class.)  Families may switch class times up to 3 times per session. After that point any switch would be counted as one of the allotted makeups allowed per session. Makeups must be done during the current session, and will no longer carry over to following sessions. Although Moosiki Kids tries to accommodate makeups whenever possible, Moosiki Kids is not responsible for missed classes--so please try to schedule makeups ASAP, in order to get them in before the end of the session!


Moosiki Kids Inc. and any of its officers cannot be held liable for any outside circumstances that might occur while attending classes in an uncontrolled environment such as a public park.  These circumstances might include but are not limited to insects, sun, rain, wind, trees, animals, vehicles, people, sports, and any other items related to the park.



Payments must be made in advance by credit card or PayPal.